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Easy Application

Easy Application

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Flexible Loans

Flexible Loans

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Fast Payment

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Secure Process

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How it works

Step 1: Get your loan offer in 10 minutes

Answer a few questions about your employment, education and expenses.

Step 1

Step 2: Submit your bank statements

Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form.

Step 2

Step 3: Choose your term

Choose the loan offer which is best suited to your needs.

Step 3

Step 4: Get your funds tomorrow

Once your loan is approved, get the money in your bank account the next day.

Step 4

Step 5: Repay your loan

Pay your loan off with automatic EMI payments

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Credit Card Refinancing Loans in Bangalore

Dive to the basics: What is refinancing?

Refinancing means to revise a payment schedule to settle an existing debt. In short, your old mortgage is recompensed and switched with a new loan with lesser interest rates and features more attractive than the previous one; you end up paying less. Here, you are basically extending the tenure. Even with added fees and penalties, you won’t need to shell out as much as you do for the original finance. Does that make sense?

Financial needs and situations undergo constant change. Trends come and go. Being constantly on the lookout for favorable marketing fluctuations in the niche helps you figure out a lucrative way to settle your loan. Do a basic estimate to see if it is worth the effort before going ahead with this plan. Refinancing is a way of moving your loan or debt from one bank to another, further prolonging the maturity date. It’s quite a simple process:

You have an outstanding loan You opt for a new loan with better features, lower interest and fees and more flexible tenure You settle the old mortgage with this new one You’re left with a loan with lesser interest (and hence lesser EMIs).

More Info On Refinancing Your Credit Card:

Utilized prudently, credit cards can be a highly potent means of payments. Many a credit card user is a master at keeping an eye on the market trends and manipulating the hacks, offers and rewards (5 percent cashback for instance). They end up not having to spend on movie tickets and getting insane rebates in supermarkets among others. These people literally get paid to spend. Credit card refinancing is one such favorite trend, which you can adopt and reap unexpected benefits.

Debt scorches like fire, if you are not careful. Please understand that credit cards are not meant for filling chasm in income. Sooner or later, you will get carried away and BAM! If you feel that you are heading to a pitfall, now is the time to refinance your credit card. Refinancing, to put it simply, is the same as getting money from Sharma to pay Malhotra; only Sharma takes less interest. And it makes perfect sense if you merge all your credit cards at a relatively lesser rate of interest and then pay off the dues. Do not forget to check and compare the service charges and other fees before jumping right into this.

Characteristics of a Credit Card Borrower

They do not think twice before spending or committing beyond means: We are constantly bombarded with amazing offers, throwaway prices and unbelievable discounts wherever you go. Not all of us possess the strong will to introspect, prioritize and resist, if necessary. Out comes the credit card and in one swipe, they are further down the debt pit.

They will always keep investment for the elusive ‘tomorrow’: A classic credit card borrowers thoughts on investment go like – ‘Let me enjoy my money today.’ ‘I will save later.’ ‘I am young- still have plenty of time’ and so on. They will not have an emergency fund in case of contingencies like health problems or job loss. They are quick to turn to ~~~Baba Credit Card~~~.

They don’t discriminate when swiping: ‘I already have some dues. A bit more won’t make much difference, right?’ Wrong! Little drops of water make a mighty ocean and all that. You get the gist? You need to start doing away with the existing dues first before thinking of financial planning. Let’s try and get that CIBIL score to a respectable number first, shall we? So next time, you see a designer wear or gadget you don’t need but must have, remember this.

How do credit card loans and bills add up?

You might have paid for that expensive vehicle repair with your credit card. It might have been your last resort when you wanted to shop for furniture for your new home, pay towards your child’s day care fees or enroll for a professional course. Personal outlays such as a holiday or wedding or medical treatment can also result in more swipes than you had planned. You feel it might soon spiral out of control if not already. What now?

Most organizations give employees the choice of a credit card. When you just begin your career with little to no savings and expenditures are (have to be) limited to monthly income, credit cards along with their limitless perks draws you like moth to flame. Some also focus on building a strong CIBIL score. Using one or more credit card is a different ball game. Like mentioned before, if you know how to play and make the best use of offers, cashbacks and discounts, well and good. For the rest, it piles up sneakily and end up as a Damocles sword overhead. This is especially true for millennials who are quick to fall to such baits.

Refinance Credit Card Loan With A Personal Loan:

Recent statistics released by RBI shows credit card dues close to INR 42,100 Cr in the last fiscal (as on May 2016). This is indeed a grave state of affairs because the yearly interest accrued on credit card dues vary between 36% and 48%. Isn’t this a hefty price to shell out, be it for shopping or emergency?

It is funny how people have no qualms about having long chats about everything under the sun including weight loss regimes, kids’ studies, spouses’ cooking skills, projects, favorite apps, Instagram posts, holidays and what not. You mention the topic of personal finance, especially credit card debts, and most avert eyes and the atmosphere becomes thick with silence.

Yes, we are hesitant to reveal how much we earn, save and/or borrow. Nobody admits it; but money is the leading cause of stress. So unless you are hoping for a windfall from an aging relative (who almost certainly never discussed money matters either), keeping yourself from sinking in dues is up to you. And credit card refinancing with a personal mortgage is a great game plan.

This is great news for those in the primary stages of their career with a lot of prospective hikes and promotions. Truly, you can save thousands a month this way. Think of the possibilities - it could mean more savings, more money to indulge and so on. Luckily, it takes only a few minute to apply for a personal loan via Qbera (less time than ordering a takeaway).

Decided to refinance credit card? Some tips to remember:

Do the basic math, it can go a long way

Just because it worked for your friend doesn’t mean you will reap the same benefits by refinancing. Do not hesitate to get help from the Qbera representative to figure out how much you will be able to save by taking this step and whether it is the right move for you at that juncture.

Add the charges and compare it to the outcome

Get the numbers right and find out more about the fees and charges (processing charges, switching charges, service fees and others). Given the high interest rates for credit cards, it is likely that you will still save a lot despite these fees. However, it is better to stay informed.

Watch out for surprises

Qbera assures you that it follows a transparent system and you will only get pleasant surprises. Yet, we request you to freely ask questions (including the hard ones) and give your stress levels a break.

Be prepared for our verification process

Qbera’s verification procedure might be quick, but no less stringent as we are helping you avail unsecured personal finance in record time. Your bank statements, CIBIL score and employment are the basic parameters and you can expect queries related to those.

Wait before closing all your accounts

Do not close all your accounts after refinancing and clearing your credit card bills, please. It can pull down your CIBIL scores. If you must, wait for a few weeks/months and then close them off one by one with considerable intervals.

Why You Should Consider Qbera

When you are already bogged down by backbreaking credit card dues, it is virtually impossible to find a loan. But if you are salaried, that’s all Qbera needs to get you adequate funds starting from INR 50,000 and up to INR 7.5 lacs. And what’s more, you will get it credited to your account the very next day.

Availing a personal loan via Qbera to refinance your consolidated credit card mortgages is a sensible step. You get rid of all your credit card debts in one swift move. Personal loan interest rates are way less than that of credit cards and it becomes easier for you clear it. You don’t invite whopping interest rates or default on repayments. Credit card refinancing is usually recommended to those who have taken financial backing from multiple credit cards and have decided to merge them all. Clearing away all these debts can get your CIBIL score a notch up.

It is normal to lose track of due dates for EMIs. With just one personal loan EMI (with reminders from Qbera, of course) to worry about, it is easy to stick to a schedule and better your financial discipline.

And the interest rates we charge for a personal unsecured finance to refinance your credit card loan(s) are on par with the current market rates.

How to apply for a Credit Card Refinancing Loan via Qbera

Qbera application procedure takes the words ‘easy’, ‘quick’ ‘simple’ and ‘hassle-free’ among others to a new level. Given below are 5 steps to get it done the Qbera way.
  • Just log on to and fill in the application form (it barely takes 5 minutes)
  • Upload your bank statement on the website
  • Qbera gives you an offer within 4 hours
  • Our representative will come and collect the documents
  • Money transferred to your account in less than 24 hours

Loan Quantum

The minimum loan amount you must apply for refinancing is INR 50,000. You can avail up to INR 7.5 lacs. When you are in dire need of cash, options are usually few and far between. Qbera aims to bring a revolutionary change in this and offer an easy, secure and transparent platform to borrow money from.

Fees and charges

Qbera charges a processing fee that range from 2% to 3%, based on the amount borrowed to refinance the cash card. Prepayment charges, late payment fees, ECS/cheque bounce charges and special service requests will be levied as per the RBL norms.

Interest Rate

APR commences from 14% but no more than 24%.

Difference between Credit Card Refinancing and Loan Refinancing:

When Qbera agrees to provide you a personal loan to close off an existing loan, it is called balance of transfer and that particular loan will not be counted when gauging debt-to-income margin and eligibility. However, in case of credit card refinancing, it is not the same. This is because the applicant can always swipe again and stack up debts.

RBL - Partner in loan:

RBL Bank Limited (previously went by the name The Ratnakar Bank Ltd) is a scheduled commercial bank based in Maharashtra. With more than seven decades in the finance niche, RBL is one of the oldest (read reputed) private lenders in the country.
Today, it serves a customer base close to two million across India, offering unimaginable number of financial products and services. RBL’s growth from a regional bank in a small town in Maharashtra over the years is commendable with numerous accolades and recognitions such as Global Growth Company tag by World Economic Forum in its kitty.
Qbera is proud to partner with RBL in providing all-purpose personal loans to salaried people and is hopeful that the journey will be a long and fruitful one.

Qbera may be able to help when you need it the most. Apply now for a smart hassle-free loan in bangalore.

Types of Loans

At Qbera we offer quick hassle-free loans for several purposes

Easy Application

Second Hand Car Loans

At Qbera, you can apply for any vehicle loan be it a bike loan, scooter loan or even a used car loan without any of the difficulties that are often faced with traditional banks and NBFCs.

Flexible Loans

Wedding Loans

Qbera is there by your side to ensure you don’t have to compromise on your big day. Get a marriage loan, an engagement loan or a honeymoon loan instantly with Qbera even at the last minute.

Fast Payment

Credit Card Refinancing

Saddled with credit card debt? Want to repay the balance on your card? With Qbera, convert your high-cost credit card debt into affordable monthly EMIs at low interest rates in no more than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Education Loans

Want to study further but require funding for your fees? We offer instant education loans for salaried professionals at attractive interest rates. Apply today to fulfill your educational goals.

Easy Application

Home Improvement Loans

Require furniture or interiors for your new house or want to renovate your existing home? Qbera provides Home improvement loans, home remodeling loans, home renovation loans, home repair loans and furniture loans instantly!

Flexible Loans

Travel Loans

At Qbera, get a travel loan of up to 7.5 lakhs in a quick, convenient process. We offer travel loans, tour loans, holiday loans, vacation loans, air ticket loans, foreign travel loans, cruise booking loans in less than 24 hours.

Fast Payment

Medical Loans

Medical issues often require urgent funding. In such situations, getting money quickly is a top priority. At Qbera, we respect this and can help you with such Medical loans or emergency cash in less than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Loan Refinancing

Existing loans that you may have can be refinanced to lower your monthly payments. Be it a payday loan, credit card loan, education loan, wedding loan or travel loan. Qbera offers the fastest loans for debt consolidation or refinancing.

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