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Mother’s Day Special: Kitchen Renovation


Disclaimer: This blog in no way implies that a mother’s place is in the kitchen and all mothers love to cook.

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. As usual it is so difficult to figure out what would be the ideal gift. A new saree? Jewelry perhaps? A holiday package? These may not work if your mother is a pragmatic person. We suggest you go for kitchen renovation. It is sure to get her attention, especially if done to her taste and convenience. Well, this is going to cost more than peanuts, but will be very useful to your mother. There are many online lenders that offer home improvement loans at competitive interest rates. Don’t let money stop you from giving your mother the surprise of her life.

Here are the 5 Kitchen areas we think you can start with:

    1. New and energy-saver appliances:
      Have you noticed how most average middle class mothers feel guilty if they (or anyone else) spent money for them? Perhaps this is why, they manage to use kitchen appliances for decades. The faded and jaded appearance and broken handle are non-issues for them. You can begin with replacing the cooking range or buying a new microwave or a large capacity refrigerator. Modern cook tops are designed save energy and your gift will continue giving through lower bills.
    2. Do something about the kitchen floor:
      The kitchen floor has barely managed to survive decades of people moving in and out, spilt food and drinks, dragged gas cylinders and so on. The flooring probably looks nothing like how it was in the first place. A thorough acid wash is in order. You might also need to replace a few tiles. Wait for a day when she is out of house and get a professional cleaner and a flooring worker. She will be pleasantly surprised to come back to a squeaky clean floor.
    3. Install a chimney:
      Perhaps it is time for you to upgrade from an exhaust fan to a chimney. Indian meals are incomplete (non-existent) without our masalas and curry leaves and vegetable oil. And don’t we love it? But people in the kitchen pay a price for it and by people, we mean mothers. The breathing in of oil-masala fumes for prolonged period leads to a slew of health issues like eyesight problems, headaches and dizziness among others.
    4. Improve or change the sink faucet and plumbing:
      What type of sink does she use? Is it tattered, broken or is unstable Changing these can make a huge difference; not only it make the place looks smarter, but will also save water.
    5. Give lighting a thought too:
      Kitchen and study areas need maximum lighting. Go for high-energy-efficient LED bulbs on top of the cooking range, near the cabinets and anywhere you think it is required. Did you know you can buy them for subsidized costs from any state electricity office if you go there with your most recent electricity bill? Let there be light… let there be life. Literally!


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