Wedding Loans

Marriage Loans reduce financial worries and can make your wedding one made in heaven!


A wedding is a very special occasion in a person’s life, perhaps more than any other.  A lot of meticulous planning goes into making the marriage a memorable event. For Indians, this means a partnership that is blessed by the family Guruji, a date that is approved by the astrologer and also by the extended family staying in India and abroad, a carefully drawn out invitee list that would offend not a single acquaintance, a food menu that would consist of about thirty delicacies with a delightful mix of the choicest veg and non-veg dishes, a place that would accommodate five hundred guests, and a plush hotel that would be home to about a hundred of them for a few days.

Indeed, that is a lot of work! Add to that the finance bit. Even the most prudent man who has planned his daughter’s wedding ever since she was born would suddenly find himself worrying about that last minute overshooting of the budget. Taking financial help from friends and family is not a preferred option today because any delay in repaying poses a serious threat to relationships which have otherwise been very nice and cordial. The best option then is to reach out to credit institutions which are ready to extend loans, customized to the needs of the individual, and offering terms which are favorable for the borrower to repay on time.

Perhaps the two most valuable propositions that a person in need for a Marriage loan looks for are:
a) Hassle-free experience
b) Quick processing

Some Lenders would ask for collateral to secure their exposures, while others would disburse in ten days, certainly terms which would not bring a smile to the borrower’s face. Some others could ask for a co-borrower and/or a guarantor for them to chip in whenever the borrower faces difficulties in making any of the obligatory repayments.
These two requirements are met by Qbera’s Wedding Loans. It can be availed by the person who is getting married, or a relative who has taken up the responsibility of arranging funds for the wedding. There is no need for any security, either by way of another person standing as the guarantor or becoming a co-borrower, or any asset that needs to be hypothecated to the lender. The loan is extended solely on the merit of the person who would be the Applicant for the loan to Qbera. Even the document collection and execution would be completed at the place which is convenient to the borrower.

Typically, the expenses for a wedding are not limited to that occasion itself. With the general increase in affluence of the average Indian, there is no reason to not splurge on that another special event in a person’s life – the unforgettable honeymoon. If the Applicant’s creditworthiness allows it, Qbera would gladly approve a loan to include the expenses for the wedding, as well as the honeymoon.

So, the intent cannot be clear – Let Qbera’s Marriage Loan take over the worries of arranging for the finance, while the Applicant could fine tune the arrangements for the marriage so that it indeed becomes one made in heaven!


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