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Australia – it is literally impossible to find anything to dislike about this place, judging from travellers’ accounts. Is Australia one of your dream places to travel to but you cannot afford it? Guess what! You can actually get a travel loan to tick this off your bucket list. Yes, there are several alternate lenders that offer you quick personal loans (and no questions asked, only a few documents stating your income and employment history) to set wings to your dreams. Now that the money part is settled, let us talk about the place itself.

When people talk about Australia, it is mostly about Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. And of course these are amazing places to visit. But Australia is way more than that. Here is an attempt to shed light on three unexplored places in Australia.

Tasmania: Australia’s sole island state is also its most petite, both in terms of area and inhabitants. However, of late, it has slowly earned a name of one of the most sought-after destinations for travel buffs. Tasmania is far-flung and rugged; but they have definitely turned that aspect into an envy-evoking asset. Its key allure is its inimitable wilderness, which varies drastically from soft sandy seashores to the imposing alpine highlands of Cradle Mountain. Tasmania offers numerous prospects for adrenaline junkies, from unending forest trails to challenging hikes right into the heart of wilderness. The shoreline – quite craggy, gifts the tourist in you great opportunities to go white water rafting, kayaking or just cruising around the scenic beaches. Idyllic for someone simply wanting to escape the rushed city life for a few days. Did you know that nearly half of its land is fiercely protected by the government in the guise of national parks and reserves? No wonder, this place is touted to have the cleanest air in the world.

Pinnacles: The unlimited outdoor allures of Australia often seem dreamlike. And the Pinnacles, tucked away in the massive state of Western Australia, is a perfect example. The moon-like limestone materializations standing right by the mighty Indian Ocean make for one of continent’s most wondrous natural landscapes. They are situated in the Nambung National Park, adjacent to the town of Cervantes, and are peppered throughout the desert in their hundreds, crafting a markedly peculiar backdrop. The best time to catch a glimpse of the Pinnacles is of course the spring season (from Aug to Oct). They are best beheld in the dawn or evening as the play of natural light brings out the unimaginable hues, and the long shadows of the formations strike an appealing contrast that highlights their features.

Great Barrier Reef: The biggest coral reef system on earth, the Great Barrier Reef is, well, heaven down below. One of the largest natural wonders seen even from outer space, it is made of over 2900 distinct reefs and 900 isles that stretches for around 2300 kms along the Australian coast. Under ecological threat lately, the widely-used points to reach the reef are in The Whitsun and Cairns. Snorkeling scuba diving, para sailing, boat trips, scenic airlifts and even reef walking- this place gives you a generous choice of activities that help you to observe natural gems in all their glory.

Summing it up:
What do you think of these three Aussie wonderlands? Have you been to any of these places? Would you like to visit? Do share your travel aspirations and experiences here.  


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