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Used Car Loans For Vintage & Classic Cars


In the 13th century, when a scholar and philosopher made an astute prediction of a ‘chariot moving at an unimaginable speed without horses’, he was openly scoffed at. Six hundred years down the  line, this was no longer a fantasy.

Owning a vintage car is pretty cut and dried. Over the decades motor carriages, invented as an easy mode of transportation, have become a manifestation of sheer power and liberty. Vintage & classic cars slowly became an emblem of the American dream and later a global dream. It started signifying the upsurge pride and dignity of the middle class.

The unrivaled exquisiteness and legacy of these cars have been tapped by many in the art as well as business arena. It would be a while before anyone forget the Goldfinger in James Bond movie. Do you wonder why they were considered as heights of cool? In India, these cars are a sign of great prestige today. But they are of course expensive and people often rely on external finance to meet the cost. If you are tempted to apply for quick personal loans to buy one, you cannot be blamed.

According to the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India (VCCCI), cars that were launched between 1940 and 1970 come under the ‘Classic’ category. Automobiles that were made between 1919 and 1930 are vintage cars. These cars continue to grace the self-image and lives of automobile lovers to day. Some people even buy it part by part and assemble it themselves. These days, people buy old models like Contessa and Ambassador, and then replicate modern cars on their base. To recreate the old magic!

Vintage cars are not just any vehicle. They are motorized testimonials to timeless aesthetics. And above all, it is a personal and intimate world of your own, where you can feel at home. Hence there should be no compromise when you protect it against all odds. Finding a reliable insurance provider for a car such as this was deemed next to impossible as it has unique insurance requirements.

It’s not just about owning a car. It’s about stamping your personality on everything you own. It’s about making a statement about your lifestyle and life choices. Not everybody (except a vintage enthusiast) would understand why you shell out so much for ‘some old car’ when you can have ‘new and better’ one for the same price.

When searching for one that suits your sensibilities, it is essential that you go to reputed firms/dealers who are passionate about these models. Take your time. Let them know exactly what you want from the purchase. This is one way to ensure that there will not be any future regret. Did you know that cars with the VCCCI certification are eligible to a handsome rebate on the premium by the insurer?


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