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Are Wedding Loans a Good Way to Cover Wedding Costs?


Most couples plan their dream wedding to express their love in their personal style, their story and emotions. There’s already the stress of planning everything, finding the perfect venues, taking care of guests. Add to that the financial stress and it makes it the most nerve-wrecking experience ever. The cost of weddings these days is at an all-time high with couples opting for lavish weddings with extravagant decor and celebrations. But even for a wedding within a budget, the cost at least goes up to 20 lakhs.

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In some cases, it’s impossible to cut back on expenses. Accommodation for guests, a variety of food options in veg and non-vegetarian sections are some examples of things people wouldn’t hold back on. Saving up for 2 or 3 years for a wedding is impractical (you will have other expenses) and kind of intimidating to think about. Couples and families sometimes don’t take into consideration life after the wedding. Spending all your savings on the wedding could result in the couples having a cash-crunch at the beginning of their new life. Credit cards on the other hand, are better for point-of-sale purchases, rather than long-term borrowing. Enter – wedding loans.

Wedding loans, also categorized under unsecured personal loans, are a great option for you. Before you go about getting a loan for your wedding, discuss with your partner the process of getting one and how things are going to work after the wedding. A marriage loan is the best and easiest way to finance your wedding. What makes the process a whole lot simpler is that online personal loan companies can provide you with wedding loans within a few days, if you match the criteria.

One of the reasons wedding loans are a good way to cover wedding costs is that the amount repayable every month is fixed. Couples won’t be short of cash when the time arrives as it’s going to be a pre-decided rate, so they can plan their budgets accordingly. Your online loan application being approved will depend on a number of factors like your current financial and employment situation, and credit score. You can fill in your information on the website, calculate the amount of loan you’re eligible for, and apply for a wedding loan. Before applying, you can also check the amount of EMI you’d have to pay depending on the term of the loan. This way, you can be assured that you’ve only applied for what you can afford to pay back. The last thing couples want is to be in a financial mess after the wedding.

Wedding loans can be used to pay for a number of things. It includes everything down to the smallest detail of the wedding. The wedding dress, venues, transportation, accommodation, flowers, reception, entertainment like music, and even the honeymoon can be covered with the loan. With all this taken care of, couples can live in the moment and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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