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Easy Application

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Flexible Loans

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Fast Payment

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Secure Process

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How it works

Step 1: Get your loan offer in 10 minutes

Answer a few questions about your employment, education and expenses.

Step 1

Step 2: Submit your bank statements

Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form.

Step 2

Step 3: Choose your term

Choose the loan offer which is best suited to your needs.

Step 3

Step 4: Get your funds tomorrow

Once your loan is approved, get the money in your bank account the next day.

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Step 5: Repay your loan

Pay your loan off with automatic EMI payments

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Second Hand Car, Bike & Auto Loans in Delhi

Earlier, there used to be a negative connotation or hesitance around purchasing a secondhand car — folks tend to picture a tarnished and rusty bucket on wheels that coughs and splutters while rumbling down the road, emitting liberal amount of smoke. However, recent statistics shed a positive light on this view - the used car market is thriving. This is especially true for Delhi post demonetization. Modi government’s drastic and abrupt step to demonetize 1000 and 500 rupee notes proved to be a bonanza for the used automobiles market in the capital. It was noticed that in the unorganized vehicle trade sector, the prices were slashed down to 35 percent. Mind you, a pre-owned car can still you cost a few lakhs depending on the model you choose. Though banks happily offer loans for new cars, they are reluctant to finance old vehicles, mainly due to its depreciating value. Most people have to rely on personal loans with slightly higher interest rates, to pay for the vehicle.

Why there is a rise in used car sales in Delhi - dissecting the trend:

It predominantly comes down to the age factor. The age of an average secondhand car in Delhi is getting younger, thanks to the nonstop launching of new and improved models by well-regarded automobile companies. A high-paying job straight out of college ensures that people can afford their dream car far more quickly. They are capable of constantly upgrading it too. Many millennials don’t prefer to keep a car for more than two or three years. They prefer to sell it off and buy better and bigger cars – meaning those who don’t earn as much can also own an-almost new car at affordable prices. Whether you are planning to purchase one from old car dealers or individuals, a used car in good condition can save you lakhs.

Here is why you should consider buying a pre-owned car:

Highly economical

Buying a second hand car is definitely more economical than buying a new car. Generally a pre-owned car could save you as much as 30-40% of the cost of a new car


Modern cars are well-engineered and there haven’t been too many complaints in this regard. Still, it is better to check it thoroughly yourself as well as by a mechanic.

Depreciating Investment

The value of a car will only depreciate over time. Hence, it is sensible to invest in a pre-owned car rather than buy a new one and pay double the amount for it.

Best way to improve and perfect your driving

Car driving is a skill acquired over time with practice and more practice. It is better to subject an old car to those scrapes and scratches than a new car.

Benefits of Qbera Second Hand Car, Bike & Auto Loans in Delhi

Another factor that helps the case of used cars is, new age alternate lenders are promoting them by offering people quick personal loans to finance their dream cars. Customers do not have to go through the added hassle of getting a personal loan or a used car loan from banks as they take days to process the application. As for secondhand car loans from banks, they usually fund only Certified Pre-owned Cars and such loans are usually secured in nature. Qbera’s car loans are unsecured loans and you do not have to pledge your vehicle at all here. Qbera is a Bangalore-based alternative lender that has recently opened branches in other metro cities like Delhi and Chennai. We present a great and feasible option of people who seek easy and painless used car loans in Delhi.

Get quick loans from Qbera

At Qbera, we are committed to providing you a second hand car finance, Second Hand Car, Bike & Auto Loan or a used car finance in the easiest and fastest possible way; so that you can drive home your dream vehicle today.

Loans up to ₹5 lacs

We are willing to finance up to five lakhs to help you become a proud car owner. With Qbera, there is no requirement for you to pay a certain percentage as down payment.

Same day Disbursal 2nd Hand Car Finance

You enter your personal info and upload the necessary documents (ID proof, employment proof and bank statements) and we will do the rest. Once your CIBIL score and all the submitted documents are verified, the amount will be credited instantly.

Stellar support to customers

You can connect with us via chat, whatsapp, phone and email during business hours and we will answer all your queries regarding Personal loan in Delhi. Reach us on whatsapp at +91 89719 28484 or chat with us on our website or email us.

How to apply for a used car Loan in Delhi via Qbera

With the growth in the car market over the last few year financial players are now offering attractive finance options for the purchase of used cars. Get it done the Qbera way in 5 steps:
  • Just log on to and fill in the application form (it barely takes 5 minutes)
  • Upload your bank statement on the website
  • Qbera gives you an offer within 4 hours
  • Our representative will come and collect the documents
  • Money transferred to your account in less than 24 hours
  • Qbera may be able to help when you need it the most. Apply now for a smart hassle-free loan in delhi.

Types of Loans

At Qbera we offer quick hassle-free loans for several purposes

Easy Application

Second Hand Car, Bike & Auto Loans

At Qbera, you can apply for any vehicle loan be it a bike loan, scooter loan or even a used car loan without any of the difficulties that are often faced with traditional banks and NBFCs.

Flexible Loans

Wedding Loans

Qbera is there by your side to ensure you don’t have to compromise on your big day. Get a marriage loan, an engagement loan or a honeymoon loan instantly with Qbera even at the last minute.

Fast Payment

Credit Card Refinancing

Saddled with credit card debt? Want to repay the balance on your card? With Qbera, convert your high-cost credit card debt into affordable monthly EMIs at low interest rates in no more than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Education Loans

Want to study further but require funding for your fees? We offer instant education loans for salaried professionals at attractive interest rates. Apply today to fulfill your educational goals.

Easy Application

Home Improvement Loans

Require furniture or interiors for your new house or want to renovate your existing home? Qbera provides Home improvement loans, home remodeling loans, home renovation loans, home repair loans and furniture loans instantly!

Flexible Loans

Travel Loans

At Qbera, get a travel loan of up to 7.5 lakhs in a quick, convenient process. We offer travel loans, tour loans, holiday loans, vacation loans, air ticket loans, foreign travel loans, cruise booking loans in less than 24 hours.

Fast Payment

Medical Loans

Medical issues often require urgent funding. In such situations, getting money quickly is a top priority. At Qbera, we respect this and can help you with such Medical loans or emergency cash in less than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Loan Refinancing

Existing loans that you may have can be refinanced to lower your monthly payments. Be it a payday loan, credit card loan, education loan, wedding loan or travel loan. Qbera offers the fastest loans for debt consolidation or refinancing.

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