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Easy Application

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Flexible Loans

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Fast Payment

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Secure Process

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How it works

Step 1: Get your loan offer in 10 minutes

Answer a few questions about your employment, education and expenses.

Step 1

Step 2: Submit your bank statements

Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form.

Step 2

Step 3: Choose your term

Choose the loan offer which is best suited to your needs.

Step 3

Step 4: Get your funds tomorrow

Once your loan is approved, get the money in your bank account the next day.

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Wedding Loans in Delhi

Yes, you have been saving for this special occasion for months (years even) and kept aside a substantial amount. But it still may not be sufficient. Is it ever? Don’t worry, Qbera has got your back. Delhi, the capital of the largest democracy in the world, boasts of a populace of 1.5 crore sprawling over some 1500 sq. km. Can you imagine the number of weddings hosted in this city on a monthly basis? People look forward to wedding days (their own and other people’s) more than anything else. Be it a grand affair or a humble court marriage, the marriage is indubitably one of the happiest and most awaited day in one’s life. But who wouldn’t want to add a dash of color, spirit and zing to it?

An international journal reported (after garnering information from event planners and marriage bureaus in Delhi) that each season in the city sees at least 40,000 marriage ceremonies. And this number hikes 40 to 60 percent in winter and fall! In the last November alone, there were one lakh marriages in Delhi. There were even days when wedding organizers and planners struggled to find and book nuptial venues. As the long period of nuptials gets going, it is impossible to ignore the booming business of matrimony in the capital city. The desire to have the best of everything on that auspicious day, come what may, gave birth to a special category of personal loans- marriage loans.

Delhi has always hit the news for the highest number of weddings hosted at any given season. Did you know that Indian nuptial business was worth a colossal amount of money? ₹190,000 crore in 2010 to be precise and it has only been growing at a rate of 25 percent yearly. Going by the trend, the period from November to February seems to be the favorite matrimony season as demands for ceremonial services escalate drastically (up to 80 percent more than the previous year). Good news is that people have become wiser. They are splurging more on tangible items (like gold) rather than mere décor these days. But for arranged marriages, people prefer to rely on professional matchmaking agencies nowadays, and they charge a bomb.

Possible Wedding Expenses In Delhi

Wedding Venue

No doubt, this is one of the most important aspects to make your special day memorable. There is an invisible but obvious competition to make the experience awesomely unique not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. The most recent fad seen is people opting for a heritage cum destination wedding, like a farmhouse or haveli, preferably in Rajasthan. The venue cost in Delhi usually varies from ₹750 to ₹3250 (five star) per head. As for the décor, you will be presented with a wide range of options and you can also offer some creative inputs.

Wedding Dress & Jewelry

Pearly white, baby pink or pale gold, whatever the current wedding favorite is, it can be found and designed. Delhi brims with small shops to high-end designer boutiques that specializes in all kinds of bridal attires. Engagement, Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, Bachelors Party, Reception, you name it, they have dresses for all occasions. Most couples seek highly personalized suits and dresses that make them stand out, feel special and also comfortable. It is difficult to figure out the average cost of bridal wear. The likes of Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani designer wears cost around ₹2-5 lacs. But do remember that you are mainly paying for the brand name. The lesser known boutiques are just as fantabulous with price tags ranging from ₹75k to ₹2 lacs. The non-designer shops in Chandni Chowk are favorites among lower and upper middle class alike.

Catering Costs

Wedding caterers in Delhi are adept at clearing away any palate dilemma you might face while planning a wedding. Today, most weddings have a buffet with a wide spread which covers a variety of cuisines. Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, Oriental, Italian, you name it and you will have it. You can customize the spread for your big day as per your requirements and fit them in a budget ranging from ₹400 to ₹3000 per plate.


The typical "Big Fat Indian Wedding" is incomplete without song and dance. Good music coupled with a crowd-puller DJ and performers can work wonders.

Photography & Videography

There was a time when people would sit or stand still to pose like statues for photographs. Now artificiality is out and natural is in. You want to remember your special day as it is and candid photographers are highly expensive. Cherry-picking skilled and resourceful Wedding Photographers in Delhi is a tried and tested solution for this. Those photographs and videos will make you smile in fond remembrance of those priceless moments.

Features of Qbera wedding loans in Delhi

Quick & Easy Repayment Terms

Apply today and get the loan in 24 hours, offers Qbera. You can easily pay back in 1 to 3 years without putting a strain on your monthly living budget. Truly, Qbera matrimony-related loans have no comparison.

No need for Collateral/Guarantor

As an unsecured loan, all you need to do is submit proof of your identity, employment and income. A loan from Qbera is perfect for you if you do not have or are not willing to pledge your properties (gold, vehicle or house) or you do not have someone to stand as a Guarantor for you.

Disbursal in 24 hours

Applying for an Online Marriage loan at is very easy. Go to, fill out the online application form and upload the requested documents. You will get a few quotes in a couple of hours. Choose one that suits you the best and have the money credited to your account in a day.

Easily customizable

Alternative lenders like Qbera are experts in customizing emergency personal loans. Interest rates offered range from 14% to 24% and as a multi-purpose loan, you can utilize the money for any expense related to the financing of your wedding.

A cut above all online loans

Marriages in India is not merely a union of two people, but a union of families and extended families. Exuberant functions and grand parties play a huge role in it. Qbera wedding loans are more than capable of helping you rise to the challenge

How to apply for a Wedding Loan in Delhi via Qbera

Get it done the Qbera way in 5 steps
  • Just log on to and fill in the application form (it barely takes 5 minutes)
  • Upload your bank statement on the website
  • Qbera gives you an offer within 4 hours
  • Our representative will come and collect the documents
  • Money transferred to your account in less than 24 hours
  • Qbera may be able to help when you need it the most. Apply now for a smart hassle-free loan in Delhi.

Types of Loans

At Qbera we offer quick hassle-free loans for several purposes

Easy Application

Second Hand Car Loans

At Qbera, you can apply for any vehicle loan be it a bike loan, scooter loan or even a used car loan without any of the difficulties that are often faced with traditional banks and NBFCs.

Flexible Loans

Wedding Loans

Qbera is there by your side to ensure you don’t have to compromise on your big day. Get a marriage loan, an engagement loan or a honeymoon loan instantly with Qbera even at the last minute.

Fast Payment

Credit Card Refinancing

Saddled with credit card debt? Want to repay the balance on your card? With Qbera, convert your high-cost credit card debt into affordable monthly EMIs at low interest rates in no more than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Education Loans

Want to study further but require funding for your fees? We offer instant education loans for salaried professionals at attractive interest rates. Apply today to fulfill your educational goals.

Easy Application

Home Improvement Loans

Require furniture or interiors for your new house or want to renovate your existing home? Qbera provides Home improvement loans, home remodeling loans, home renovation loans, home repair loans and furniture loans instantly!

Flexible Loans

Travel Loans

At Qbera, get a travel loan of up to 7.5 lakhs in a quick, convenient process. We offer travel loans, tour loans, holiday loans, vacation loans, air ticket loans, foreign travel loans, cruise booking loans in less than 24 hours.

Fast Payment

Medical Loans

Medical issues often require urgent funding. In such situations, getting money quickly is a top priority. At Qbera, we respect this and can help you with such Medical loans or emergency cash in less than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Loan Refinancing

Existing loans that you may have can be refinanced to lower your monthly payments. Be it a payday loan, credit card loan, education loan, wedding loan or travel loan. Qbera offers the fastest loans for debt consolidation or refinancing.

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