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Loan amounts range from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.15,00,000. APR ranges from 11.99% to 35.99%. Loan lengths range from 12 to 60 months. Administration fee ranges from 1% to 5%.

Online Instant Loan in India

Online Instant Personal Loans from Qbera! Interest from 11% p.a. Instant Loan Approval. Amount within 24 hours. Eligibility: CIBIL Score: 575+

Instant Personal Loans, just like the traditional unsecured product, come with flexible tenure options - you can choose from tenures stretching from 6 months to 60 months. Qbera's proprietary risk-assessment algorithm assesses your eligibility within a few seconds, and once approval is obtained, the loan amount will be right on its way and reach you within a 1-day period. 

So ideally, if you wish to get a personal loan in super-quick time, approaching the right lender is what will help you get immediate access to funds. There are many Fintech lenders in the market offering instant loans, but getting an instant cash loan in 1 hour is the real deal! 

What are Instant Loans?

Instant loans are unsecured personal loans that work very similar to personal loans, with the prime difference being the instant feature associated with them. Tenures are flexible for this form of credit, and thanks to some notable advancements in technology such as risk-assessment algorithms that can almost instantly determine an individual’s eligibility, these products have perhaps become more sought after than credit cards in recent times. The thing about instant loans offered by Fintech lenders is that you can get a loan with an income of just Rs. 20,000 per month.

Getting Instant Loans Online in India - An Overview

If you are on the lookout for a personal loan with quick turnaround time, to salaried individuals earning a minimum income of ₹20,000 p.m. If you wish to apply for an online instant loan with Qbera, you can be certain of the fact that the entire application process will not take you more than 5 minutes. As a matter of fact, there are few things that are as easy to do as applying for a quick loan in India from Qbera.  

It goes without saying that when times are tough, you want the simplest solution to your financial troubles, and this is exactly what an instant online loan from Qbera delivers. From the comfort of your home, you can fill up the online form, get approved and have the amount you need in just one day. Now that's what we call an instant loan!

We at Qbera bring to you all the experts in the field so that you get the best possible loan offer, aligned perfectly to your interests, at the best rates and the quickest turnaround time. With high working standards and top-quality service, we assure seamless service at every stage of your experience with us; from the time you've applied to when you've completed your repayment. 

Prime Benefits of Instant Personal Loans from Qbera

  • Collateral-Free Loans- Since Qbera offers unsecured loans, you won’t have to pledge your asset or property to secure the funds. Our instant loans aren’t just available at flexible terms, but they are also collateral free. 
  • Super-Fast Disbursals- At Qbera, we ensure your funds are disbursed at the earliest. Once you key in the necessary details and complete the required documentation process, you can expect the loan amount to be disbursed within 24 hours. Document, identity and address verification is conducted digitally. 
  • Flexible Tenures- When you apply for an instant loan at Qbera, you will have the complete flexibility to choose your preferred tenure. As of now, our tenures range from 12 to 60 months. Do note that in addition to selecting the tenure, you will also have the option to change it and pre-close your loan, as and when necessary. 
  • No Hidden Charges- Very often, customers fall prey to dishonest lenders who slap random hidden charges on their loan. But such is not the case with Qbera. Since we believe in complete transparency, you will get to know about all the fees and charges that you are likely to incur. We have no hidden charges. 
  • Consistent Customer Support- When you apply for a Qbera instant loan, you can be assured of getting the highest degree of customer support. Our customers support executives will address all your queries and resolve every subsequent issue at the earliest. We are available between 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM IST on weekdays and 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM on weekends. You can reach out to our team via Whatsapp at +91 89719 28484. Alternatively, you can also call us at our toll-free number 1800-4198-121 or drop an email at contact@qbera.com
  • Complete Confidentiality- Since we take client confidentiality extremely seriously, your personal details are completely safe with us. We do not share your information with any third-party and you won’t be spammed with unnecessary emails and phone calls when you apply for a loan on our platform. 
  • Low Credit Score Loans- At Qbera, you will be eligible for an instant loan even if your credit score is low. Unlike banks and other financial institutions that require a minimum credit score of 700, you will be eligible for a Qbera instant loan if your credit score is 600 or higher. 
  • Digital Process- Unlike personal loans where you need to physically visit the bank branch to get your loan approved, Qbera instant loans are processed digitally. The entire process, right from the application to the submission of documents, is completed online. 
  • Strong Encryption- Qbera uses 128-bit SSL encryption. So, the data you share with us is completely safe. 
  • Affordable Interest Rates- Unlike banks and other alternative lending platforms that charge exorbitant interest rates, Qbera loans are available at affordable rates. As of now, our interest rates range from 11.99% p.a. to 34.99% p.a. 
  • Low Processing Fee- Our processing fee for instant loans ranges from 1% to 5%. So, you can always count on us for quick, hassle-free and economical instant loans.

How Do Instant Loans from Qbera Work?

Applying for an instant personal loan from Qbera is as easy as it sounds. The process is simple, the documentation is minimal, and since the entire application takes places digitally, it is completely frictionless. 

But how does Qbera manage to process documents so fast? Well, the entire credit goes to Qbera's AI powered risk assessment algorithm that helps them identify credit-challenged customers instantly. For banks and other financial institutions, customer intelligence depends on some relatively simple studies. In almost every case, these platforms gain customer value data via surveys and focus groups; most of whose results don’t really match the reality. And this is where Qbera stands ahead. 

Unlike banks, Qbera has its own proprietary credit scoring algorithm that seamlessly determines your eligibility of getting a personal loan in real-time. This algorithm uses details about you for determining your repayment potential, which in turn helps you land the best interest rate right away. In addition to this credit scoring algorithm, we also use an alternative risk assessment algorithm that takes your economic and social leanings into consideration. So, while we do consider your credit health, we do not deem it to be the sole determinant to land a good offer on our platform. Contrary to banks and other digital lending platforms, we give credence to your social presence along with your credit health and employment stability. Owing to this reason, securing an instant loan on our platform is relatively easier. 

Now, get an Instant Online Loan in Three Simple Steps:

At Qbera, your loan will be approved in three simple steps. 

Step 1- The first step involves filling up our application form where you’re required to key-in your basic details along with some information about your current employment, salary and expenses. This process will not take you any more than 10 minutes. 

Step 2- Once you’re done filling up the instant cash loan application form, you can move on to the second step where you’re required to connect your bank account. As a part of this step, you will be asked to send in your bank statements. For this, you can either attach the physical copies of your bank statements or the PDF versions of the same. The latter is easily available on the net banking platform of your respective bank. 

Step 3- For the third and final step, all you have to do is choose your loan term. Since we use a proprietary credit scoring algorithm, we easily determine your eligibility helping you land the best rates right away!

What makes us different from banks and other alternative lending platforms is our digital process. Unlike these platforms, our entire process is conducted online which doesn’t just simplify your hassles but also helps you secure the instant personal loan more easily. Both the application and the approval won’t take you much time, and by the end of the day, you’ll have the amount you need within (or even before) your required timeline!

Documents Required for Instant Loans 

At Qbera, we believe in simplifying your hassles during loan applications. Due to this reason, we seek absolutely minimum documents. Yes, unlike banks that require thousands of irrelevant documents, we ask for the documents that are ‘actually’ necessary. Here’s what you’ll need to secure an instant loan from Qbera:

  • Adhaar card.

  • Pan card. 

  • Salary statements of the last three months. 

  • Bank statements. 

  • Four cheques from your salary account. 

  • Current Address Proof. 

  • Permanent Address Proof (If the permanent address is not the same as the address on your adhaar card).

Once you fill up your basic details and attach these necessary documents, your loan will be approved in as less as 24 hours. 

Eligibility for Instant Loans from Fintech lending companies

When it comes to eligibility patterns, instant loans perhaps come with the most relaxed eligibility criteria. Unlike personal loans that require you to have a minimum monthly income of Rs 30,000; these loans are available to people who earn Rs 18,000 or more every month. In addition to the monthly salary, you are also required to fall under the 21 to 57 years’ age category, and further ensure that you do not have any defaults over the last 24 months. While the eligibility pattern for instant loans might vary from one platform to another, at Qbera, this is the basic eligibility structure that we require:

  • Net monthly income of Rs 18,000 or more. 

  • Age ranging from 21 to 57 years.

  • No defaults over the last 12 months. 

  • Credit score of 600 or higher. 

If you tick all the categories other than the credit score, try improving your score to land a loan on our platform. At Qbera, we seek a credit score of 600, which is better than many banks that have a minimum credit score requirement of 700. So, if you’re stuck with the application just because of your credit score, browse through our guidelines over the next few sections and improve your score to secure the best instant loan offer!

Do Banks Offer Instant Loans in India?

Since the instant loan is a relatively new credit product in the market, most banks do not offer them. In India, banks will only offer personal loans that doesn’t just involve a tedious process but also comes with stringent timelines. To start off, most banks require you to visit their physical branch to get started with the application process. The process takes plenty of time and involves cumbersome paperwork. Unlike digital lending platforms like Qbera, banks require plenty of irrelevant documents which simply increases the overall time taken to complete the process. 

Their approvals too are equally time-consuming. Usually, a bank will take around 3-4 days to merely approve the loan. The disbursal will then take place after 5 to 6 days. So, the overall process is likely to cost you at least two weeks or more. While some banks do claim to offer instant loans, they are definitely not as fast as digital lending platforms like Qbera. 

At Qbera, you’ll barely need 15 minutes to complete the documentation, and wait for just 24-48 hours to get your instant loan disbursed. Also, since our representatives are always looking to assist you, you can reach out to them at any time to check the status of your application/disbursal. 

How Important is Your Credit Score for Instant Personal Loans in India?

Your credit score is a determinant of your creditworthiness. Due to this reason, it is often the first thing that lenders consider when you apply for a personal loan in Bangalore or any other Indian city for that matter. Since this score is based on your credit report, your lenders get an idea of whether or not you’d be able to clear off the amount you borrow. As this score is directly interlinked with your instant loan approval chances, it is really important to work on it and keep it on the higher side. 

In India, your credit or CIBIL score ranges from 300 to 900. While lenders usually seek credit score of 700 or higher, digital lending platforms like Qbera offer instant loans with a minimum credit score of 600. But how exactly is this score calculated and what are the parameters that affect it? Let’s find out!

Credit History- Your credit history has the highest weightage (around 30%) in the calculation of your CIBIL score. But what is this history all about? In the simplest terms, your credit history carries the records of your existing or past dues. It also has the exact time when you cleared your dues. So, if you missed out clearing a certain due, it is likely to have a negative impact on your credit score. 

Credit Utilization- Credit utilization refers to the amount of money you owe against the amount of loan you are eligible for. Usually, it is said to have a 25% weightage while calculating your credit score. So, if you’ve taken plenty of high-amount loans there is a high possibility for your credit score to be negatively affected. In order to secure a good credit score, you should only borrow up to 30% of your available credit limit. 

Length and Type of Credit - If you have a long credit history, it inadvertently suggests that you have the necessary experience in dealing with credit. In the simplest sense, credit history indicates the number of years that have passed after you opened a credit account for the first time. So, if you don’t yet have a credit account, start building one right away. In addition to having a long credit history, you should also apply for multiple lines of credit because this too helps you pull up your credit score. 

So Why Should You Work on Your Credit Score if you have to improve your chances of approval for instant personal loans?

Having a high credit score doesn’t just help you secure an instant loan, but it also makes the entire process a lot easier. In case you’re still skeptical about it, here’s what you need to know:

Low Interest Rate - One of the biggest benefits of having a high credit score is the fact that it makes you eligible for loans at a relatively lower interest rate. Since higher credit score goes hand-in-hand with better creditworthiness, your potential lenders are likely to trust you more, opening the lowest possible rates for you. 

Higher Limits on Personal Loans- High credit score won’t just get you low interest loans, but your loan amount too is likely to increase. When you have a good credit score, it automatically suggests that you are capable of handling credit in a viable way. Due to this reason, banks and lending platforms can consider offering higher amounts to you.  

Quicker Approvals on Cash Loans- Various lenders offer pre-approved instant loans to individuals who have a good credit score. So, if you are really looking for a super-fast instant loan in India, start working on your credit score right away. 

Tips to Improve your Approval Chances for Instant Loans in India

If you’re struggling to secure a good instant loan offer in India and can’t yet figure out how to go about it, here are a couple of guidelines that’ll surely help you improve your chances-

Choose the Right Lender

When it comes to instant loans, many borrowers prefer closing the deal with the lender offering the lowest interest rate. But guess what? This is one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make. Your chosen lender can offer a low-interest instant loan and still make your life difficult by having hidden charges and high processing fees. Due to this reason, it is really important to do your research, so that your monthly EMIs are something that you can ‘actually’ afford. Instead of merely considering the interest rate, also check the processing fee and other additional charges. Once you consider each of these aspects and have complete clarity regarding the application process, securing a good offer will become much easier. 

Opt for Alternative Lenders

As you already know, nationalized banks do not offer instant loans. While some private banks do offer them, their rates are higher, and the application process is relatively cumbersome. So instead of blindly choosing banks, it is always better to choose alternative lenders. Lending platforms like Qbera don’t just offer instant loans at the lowest interest rates, but their application process is simple and hassle-free. So always do your research before finally zeroing in on your preferred lender. 

Choose a Shorter Tenure

Although shorter tenure translates to higher monthly installments, it is always better to choose it if you are looking to pay less interest. But how does this work? Well, the idea is quite simple. Since shorter tenure means the lender will get their money fast, there is way less risk involved for them. Due to this reason, most lending platforms offer their best rates to people choosing the shortest tenure. However, before zeroing in on a term, do consider your monthly salary and expenses. If there’s no way you can afford the EMI, don’t go for a shorter term just for the sake of it. 

Consider the APR

While browsing through instant loan offers from multiple lenders, also make it a point to consider the annual percentage rate (APR). The APR of your loan includes all the relevant fees including the interest. So, it is one of the best ways to assess the true cost of your loan. 

Work on your Credit Score

Like we already told you, you are likely to get a better rate of interest if your credit score is on the higher side. While banks and other lending platforms look for a credit score of 700 or higher, at Qbera, we offer loans to low credit individuals who have a score of at least 600. So, if your score is relatively lower, start consolidating your debts, clear your previous dues and make timely payments. You can also check your credit report and dispute it for erroneous calculation. In almost every case, these disputed issues are resolved in 7 to 14 working days. 

Once you consider each of these factors, securing an instant loan in India won’t be that big of a hassle. 

Interest Rates on Instant Loans - What interest can you expect when you apply for Cash Loans?

While instant loans seem to be relatively simple for most consumers, there’s one thing that confuses many. Yes, in case you haven’t already guessed, we are talking about interest rates. Almost every borrower has one pertinent question before applying for an instant loan: why interest rates against instant loans are different for different customers. 

The answer to this question lies in the lending model used by most lending platforms. In case you don’t yet know, most lending platforms use a risk-based pricing model. But what is this model all about and how does it work? Well, risk-based pricing is a method for lenders to assign prices based on the degree of risk involved in the process. So, if a borrower appears to be risky, this model causes them to pay more (usually in the form of high interest rates). 

So, while most loans determine your interest according to your repayment ability, under the risk-based pricing model, you pay the interest rate according to the risk you bring for the lender. If you have a good credit history, a steady salary and a high credit score, you’re usually deemed to be a safe bet. In this instance, your lender is completely certain that you will repay the funds owing to which you qualify for the lowest interest rates. 

However, if you’re known to have some financial discrepancies over the past couple of years, there’s a high possibility that you will not qualify for the best interest rate available. These financial red flags can range from bankruptcy, foreclosure or even charge-offs, and if you’re guilty of any (or multiple), it is better to improve your credit history before applying for a loan in the first place. 

What Factors do Lenders Consider Under the Risk-Based Pricing Model?

Lenders consider many factors while assessing your risk. While your credit history is definitely an important factor, it is not the only factor that is taken into consideration. In addition to your credit history, loan-to-value ratio, your debt-to-income ratio and other additional (often unrelated) factors will be calculated to assess your risk. 

One of the most pertinent examples here would be the amount of time you’ve worked at a specific job. If you’ve worked for a relatively longer period of time and have a stable income, you will be deemed as less risky. Similarly, certain lenders even consider the length of time you’ve lived in a home before offering an interest rate. Here, individuals who’ve lived at a place for les than three years or have a habit of moving from one home to another will be deemed risky. 

At Qbera, we offer loans according to the risk-based pricing model as it helps us shuffle through the potential borrowers more easily and conveniently. So, if your credit history is slightly dodgy, we’d suggest you to improve it before applying for an instant loan on our platform. 

Interest Rates on Personal Loans 

Like we already mentioned, Indian banks only offer personal loans. They do not have any option for instant loan application. Below, you can find a list of personal loan offers from leading banks.

Rate of Interest


11.25% to 20% p.a.


11.25% to 22% p.a.


10.99% to 18.99% p.a.

Why are Instant Loans better than credit cards?

If you’re in the middle of a serious financial emergency, there are two immediate options that are available to you: credit cards and instant loans. But which among the two is a better option? Unlike credit cards that have been in the financial landscape for a pretty long time, instant loans are a relatively new option. Due to this reason, many people are often hesitant before applying for one. But when it comes to solving your financial issues, how do the two compare? Let’s find out!

  • Interest Rates- The interest rates against credit cards are marginally higher than that of instant loans. The rates tend to further increase when it comes to late or partial payments. Instant loans here serve as a better option as the rates aren’t just low, but the terms to are pretty flexible. Unlike credit card loans where the interest rate exponentially increases every month, instant loans can be secured against a single, fixed rate of interest. 

  • Purpose- Credit card loans are relatively limited when it comes to purpose. This is because the amount you need is directly credited to the account of the merchant. So, if you plan to take a credit card loan, you’ll only be able to use it with merchants who accept it. Instant loans, however, can be extremely flexible when it comes to purpose. Since the entire amount will be deposited to your account, you can use it according to your convenience and discretion. So, whether you’re looking to fund your education, wedding, home fixture or a medical emergency- instant loans can cover them all!

  • Tenure- Most credit cards usually have an interest-free period of 45 days. Right after that, the interest exponentially increases every month. But such is not the case with instant personal loans. These loans are available at flexible tenures ranging from 1 to 5 years. So, you can always assess your budget and choose a repayment option that perfectly works with it. 

  • Borrowing Limit- Credit card loans can also quite limited when it comes to the borrowing limit. In almost every case, the amount is pre-determined by your bank according to your annual income. But such is not the case with instant loans. Since these loans also consider your credit history along with the annual salary, their borrowing limit is relatively higher. On a platform like Qbera, you can get instant loans ranging from 1 lac to 15 lacs. 

So, if you are looking to make a large purchase that you intend to pay off over a flexible period of time, instant loans can be a better option. These loans aren’t just incredibly flexible, but their tenure, repayment terms and fees are relatively transparent than that of credit cards. And the best part: unlike credit cards that limit your usage of funds to merchants who accept the card, instant loans can be used anywhere at any given time. Qbera offers instant loans from 11.99% p.a. So, check our portal and explore our options to get quick cash right away!

What should you keep in mind while applying for Instant Personal Loans in India?

While applying for an instant personal loan might seem like an easy deal, things might not be as simple as they appear. Yes, if you do not weigh out your options and overlook the necessary factors, you can soon end up in a never-ending debt-trap. So before zeroing in on your preferred instant loan offer, always consider the following factors. 

Assess All the Relevant Costs

When it comes to applying for a personal loan, many people only consider the interest rate. But this shouldn’t be the case, as there are many other fees that require your consideration. To start with, check the processing fee charged by your lender. This fee ranges between 1 to 5% depending on your loan amount and other factors. Once you’re done checking this fee, the very next thing to consider is the prepayment charges. Check if your lender has a prepayment facility where you’ll be able to clear off the dues faster if you have the necessary cash. If your lender does come with this facility, check how much they are charging for the same. Finally, check with your lender about the potential late fee if you are unable to clear off your EMI for a certain month. Proceed with the application, only when you have a clear insight about all these relevant charges. 

Do Not Borrow More than You Can Afford

Very often, individuals make the fatal mistake of applying for a high-amount loan only because they are eligible for the same. But this is something you should always avoid because it’ll automatically make your financial situation tad more adverse. So, if you are eligible for a loan of Rs 3 lacs and you only need 1 lac at the given moment, opt for 1 lac instead of the heftier amount. Never borrow more than you need. 

Consider your Repayment Ability

While applying for an instant loan, it is really important to be honest with yourself. Remember, nobody other than you, has an idea about your repayment ability. So, apply for a loan, only when you know you have the necessary financial backing to service the EMIs. Remember, taking more than you can repay will lead to big penalties, thereby spoiling your entire credit history. 

Do Your Research

Very often people choose a specific lending institution on the basis of a random suggestion. But this shouldn’t be the way you choose a platform. Instead of relying on people’s suggestions, weigh out each option yourself. Make a list of the lending platforms that meet your requirements, and then comprehensively research about them before making a final decision. 

Once you consider each of these factors, securing a good instant loan offer will be much easier. 

FAQs on Instant Loans from Qbera

Q. Where can I find my bank statement for instant cash loans in India? 

A. Your bank statement can be either obtained from your passbook, or from the online banking portal of your respective bank. For the latter option, simply login to the net banking platform of your bank and click the ‘check/download account statement’ option. Once you do this, you are likely to find a PDF version of your account statement. 

Q. What are the available repayment tenures on Qbera?

A. At Qbera, we have flexible repayment tenures ranging from 1 to 5 years. You can choose your preferred tenure as per your monthly income and repayment ability. If you’re looking to pay off the loan faster, opt for a shorter tenure. Alternatively, if you’re in the middle of a cash crunch and need some more time to pay off your dues, opt for the higher terms. 

Q. Are part-payments applicable on Qbera Instant Loans?

A. No, we do not allow part-payments for instant loans. However, you can always avail our prepayment facility post 12 months of repayment. Our foreclosure charges are 5% along with the applicable GST. 

Q. How long does it take to approve a loan and disburse funds?

A. If you follow our instructions and complete the required documentation quickly, your loan is likely to be approved in a couple of minutes. You can then expect a disbursal within the next 24 to 48 hours. 

Q. What is the applicable interest rate on Qbera instant loans?

A. At Qbera, our interest rates range from 11.99% to 35.99% p.a. The rate you’ll get will depend on your credit history, loan amount, and chosen repayment tenure. 

Q. Do you charge a processing fee on instant loans in India? 

A. Yes, like every other lending institution we too charge a processing fee against your instant loans. Our current fee ranges between 1% and 5% of the total loan amount. The amount you’re likely to be charged will depend on your loan amount and tenure. 

Q. What is the minimum and maximum instant loan amount that I can avail from Qbera?

A. At Qbera, you can avail instant loans ranging from 1 lac to 15 lac. The amount you’re eligible for will depend on your credit history, credit score and monthly income. Your chances of getting a bigger amount is higher if you have good credit history and a monthly salary of 20,000 or more.

Q. Why was my instant loan application rejected by Qbera?

A. At Qbera, we try to offer loans to everyone who meets our eligibility criteria. So, if there’s an instance when your instant loan application has been rejected, it is perhaps because you do not meet our required criteria. In a situation like this, you can always re-apply post 3 months when your credit situation has slightly improved. 

Q. Will I need any collateral to secure an instant loan from Qbera?

A. Since our instant loans are completely unsecured, you do not need to pledge your asset or property as collateral to secure a loan from our platform.

Q. How to reach out to customer care personnel?

A. At Qbera, our customer care professionals are always up and willing to assist you with our requirements. So if you have a query, you can either mail them at contact@qbera.com, call them at 1800 4198 121, or send a Whatsapp text at 99160 88896. Once you contact our team, they will readily address your query and help you with the application process right away!


View a complete list of our FAQs at our help center

Interest Rate & Other Charges

Interest Rate
11.99% to 35.99%
Processing Fee
1% to 5% of total loan amount
Loan Amount
₹1,00,000 to ₹15,00,000
Loan Tenure
12 to 60 months
Getting a Qbera Smart Loan is Simple
Fill out our online application form
Step 1: Online Application Form
Get approved instantly
Fill out our online application form by answering a few questions about yourself, your employment, your education, expenses and needs. This process would take no longer than 10 minutes.
Connect your Bank Account
Step 2: Connect bank account
Submit your bank statements
Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form. Alternatively, you can upload bank generated pdf bank statements.
Select your loan term
Step 3: Loan term
Choose your Loan Term
Using our proprietary Credit Scoring Algorithm we determine your loan eligibility in real-time. Our algorithm uses the information about you, to determine your future potential and help you get the best rate instantly.
You’re done! Get the money in your Bank Account as early as tomorrow.
Example: A loan offer of ₹2 lac, for a tenure of 3 years at an interest Rate of 16.6% (on a reducing principal) and a processing fee of 2.5%. Translates to:
  1. Processing Fee deduction of ₹5000 (2.5% of 2 Lacs) from loan amount, thus, the amount credited to your account will be ₹1.95 Lacs
  2. EMI of ₹7091 per month
  3. Total payable amount in 3 years = 36 times ₹7091 = ₹2,55,276
  4. Total Interest paid in 3 years = ₹55,276, hence, annual interest paid = ₹18,425 (which translates to an effective flat annual rate of interest of 9.21%)
Repaying a Qbera Smart Loan is just as Simple
Repay your loan with automatic EMI payments.
  • Age: 21-57 years old
  • Net Monthly Income must be more than Rs. 18,000.
  • No defaults in the last 24 months.
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Current Address Proof


"I am really happy that I got a loan from Qbera. My application has been rejected by lenders in the past without giving any explanation for rejection. Qbera approved my loan with minimum documents. Thanks a lot once again."



"I would like to thank Qbera for speedy loan processing. I was having a tough time in deciding which bank would actually take my request for a loan as the loan was supposed to be for credit card payoff. I was forced to use my credit card for an unforeseen expense which I could not avoid and was finding it tough to pay back due to the high interest cost on credit cards. I did not want to make many enquiries as many requests can lower the CIBIL score. I contacted Qbera on a Monday and by evening itself they had an offer for me. They kept me informed through every step of the process and were also flexible with regards to my commitments. In the end, the loan was disbursed within two days of documents submission. Thank you Qbera for simplifying the process and helping me find a loan. " Show more...



"It was a nice experience with Qbera. I have never seen such an easy process for getting a loan, especially when you need it the most. Thank you Qbera for your support."



"I had a hassle-free experience with Qbera. It was a very easy application procedure and in a short span of 3 days I got my loan credited to my account. Thank you so much for the support Team Qbera"



"It was very easy to get a loan from Qbera. I just applied on their website and got a confirmed offer immediately. The amount was transferred soon after. Will give it 5 out of 5"



"It's good and quick response from the Qbera team to get the loan. They are very good at the communicating the things properly and appropriately"

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