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Capabilities Across the Lending Lifecycle



We have an omni-channel borrower sourcing funnel that taps into best-in-class digital acquisition strategies and tech-enabled offline partners.

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Validated risk strategy and scorecards that are hosted on sophisticated data-driven rules engine. Extending access to credit to salaried employees of more than 7 lakh companies.



Paper-less delivery of loans. Digital verification of residence, income and employment for majority of borrowers.



Proprietary Loan Management System (LMS) with a powerful customer relationship management platform for automated/self-service along with a dedicated contact center team.



Data-driven early warning systems that track and provide flexibility to stressed borrowers for them to remain financially buoyant.

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

Qbera Connect functions like a 'Bank without a balance sheet'. Banks and NBFCs seamlessly create lending programs by simply linking their books to Qbera.

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Acquisition Engines

Qbera APIs allow our acquisition partners to keep control of their user interface while we provide the best borrower user experience.

Aquisitions 1

Telecom companies further monetize their customer base by becoming an acquisition partner of Qbera.

Aquisitions 2

Corporates and SMEs offer special Qbera loans to their employees.

Aquisitions 3

Product companies with millions of users add Qbera as a monetization stack by offering loans to their customers.

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Lending Service as a Software

Banks and NBFCs plug their balance sheet into Qbera to tap into new customer segments using Qbera’s programmatic lending solution and benefit from lower operating expense, data-driven underwriting and credit decisioning, reduction in turnaround time, no cost of customer acquisition, proven technology and increase in profitability.

Proven lending policies for different customer segments

Lending Policies

Proven and easy to integrate microservices-based technology


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Integration Is Easy

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We are a Bangalore-based company offering digital, quick, hassle-free personal loans to people when they need them.

Loan amounts range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.7,50,000. APR ranges from 14% to 24%. Loan lengths range from 12 to 48 months. Administration fee ranges from 2% to 4%.

* Subject to Risk Profile

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