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Within the personal loan umbrella, Qbera offers marriage personal loans which can be availed by those looking to meet marriage expenses of either their own or a loved one’s wedding. Weddings, even the simplest ones can get extremely expensive. The unexpected expenses can really add up to quite an amount before you know it. You have to think of everything and make sure that everything is ready and up to the standards of our dear ones because after all, weddings are family affairs. You don’t want anyone to be let down or anything to be lacking on the big day do you?

In order to meet all the expenses, you may find that you are forced to ask for a hand-out from friends or relatives. However, if you are not a fan of mixing money matters with friends and relatives, then you may want to go for a loan instead to cover the expenses. We at Qbera offer wedding loans at unbelievable rates and minimal formalities so that you do not have to look elsewhere when it comes to financing your wedding.

Marriage Loan Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for a Marraige Loan from Qbera if:

Documents required for Wedding Loans

Wedding Loan Interest Rates

How to Apply for Marriage Loan

Getting a Marriage Loan in via Qbera is as easy as buying popcorn; it’s a simple five step process:
  1. Log on to and fill in the application form (which takes just about 5 minutes)
  2. Upload your bank statement on the website
  3. Get an offer from Qbera within 4 hours
  4. A representative from us will come to you, at your convenience and collect the required documents.
  5. Once approved, the amount will be transferred to your account in less than 24 hours.

Features & Benefits of Marriage Loan:

No collateral:

You will not need to put up any valuables as collateral when you avail a loan from us.

Quick and painless

We understand the unique financial needs that weddings bring which is why we have the most flexible terms, minimal paperwork and jet-fast processing.

Up to 100% financing:

The expense of weddings will vary depending on your unique needs, taste and even your city. In order to meet everyone’s expectations, you will have to really stretch yourself thin. We offer personal loans for weddings from INR 50,000 and up to INR 7.5 lacs so that you can cover a good portion of the total expense, if not the whole thing.

Flexible repayment tenure:

We truly believe that as a borrower you should have flexible repayment tenure. That is why you can choose between 1 to 3 years to make the repayment according to your capacity to repay. You can either choose to finish of the loan repayment in the quickest possible way by paying off in large sums, or you can pay back in small amounts, so that you only have to fish out a smaller portion of your salary each month. After the first year of availing the loan, you can even pay back the full amount in one shot and you will not be charged a prepayment fee.

One-day processing

Once you have filled up your online application, submitted the due documents and are approved by us, the amount will be added in your account in just a day.

Complete transparency:

We make sure that you are aware of all (if any) fines, fees and rates that you may be liable to, before you even avail the loan so that you do not feel like you have been unpleasantly surprised by any hidden charges.

Unmatched support:

From the moment that you decide to take a wedding loan from us to the moment that you complete your repayment, we will be right by your side, providing you with complete support. We are available anytime between 10AM and 6PM IST on weekdays and between 10AM to 1PM on weekends. Our staff can be reached via whatsapp at +91 89719 28484, by chat on the website or you can email us. If you leave a message, a staff member will get back to you in just a day.

Absolute confidentiality:

You privacy is of utmost importance to us which is why we will not be sharing your confidential details with any third party whatsoever.

Credit History:

We make sure that your credit history is enhanced by sending regular reports to various credit bureaus.

FAQs on Wedding | Marriage Loans:

Who can avail Marriage or Wedding Loans?

As long as you are eligible for a personal loan from us, absolutely anyone can avail a wedding loan from Qbera.

What are the documents required for a wedding loans?

We expect customers to provide the following documents for all types of personal loans:

    • Aadhar card
    • Bank Statements
    • 3 Cancelled cheque leaves
    • Address Proof
    • One photograph
    • Income Proof
    • PAN Card

What is the processing fee that Qbera charges?

The processing fee will depend on the amount that you borrow and is a mere 2-3%.

Why should I go for marriage Loan?

When there is a marriage in the family, a lot of unexpected expenses will crop up which you may not be able to manage by yourself. By availing a personal loan, you can stand on your own feet and not depend on anyone for the expenses.

Weddings are a lot of work by itself; everything from getting the invites printed to buying the clothes and jewellery will be your responsibility. They are all time consuming tasks, which is why availing a loan should be an easy job. With Qbera, availing a loan is super easy and quick as we use digital platform to process the loan, which means that very little paperwork is involved.

Once my documents are collected, will it take long for the amount to be credited in my account?

Once your application is approved and your documents are submitted, you can expect the amount to be credited in just a day.

What can I use the money for after I take a marriage loan?

    • With the marriage loan, you can avail a lump sum which can be used for anything wedding-related or not.
    • Essentially, a wedding loan is a personal loan. So, there are no restrictions to what you can use the money for. It is up to you.
    • For example, if you decide that a big wedding is not your style and you go for a register marriage, you could use the money that you borrowed for a great honeymoon.
    • Or you could decide to give your home a makeover with the borrowed amount. There is really no limit to your imagination.


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Loan amounts range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.7,50,000. APR ranges from 14% to 24%. Loan lengths range from 12 to 48 months. Administration fee ranges from 2% to 4%.

* Subject to Risk Profile

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