Medical Loans in India

With the surging medical emergencies in India since last decade, having a health insurance or a dedicated saving for health check-ups, surgeries, and unforeseen operations, has become mandatory for a common man. We are sure many of you may not be even holding those backups. Because medical emergencies are ideally what we never want to think of and we never have taken any precautions to prevent them. They simply occur and we rush to the hospital (not to forget, always the best hospital in our city). What comes as a major blow is the huge bill amount that you are charged and suddenly you realize – you are short of funds! And this doesn’t end here, you still hold the list of medicines prescribed by the doctor, in your hand. You do not want to keep worrying about arranging the finances while your loved ones are hospitalized and need you the most. That is when an instant medical loan comes into role. You may also regret not going for any of those health insurance plans earlier. But you need not bother now, as medical loans are the quick solution to your cash crunch concerns. Young souls in India now consider it a smart move to apply for a medical loan than going for health insurances which even expire after a certain period of time.

What is a Medical Loan?

A medical loan is an unsecured personal loan for those who cannot afford to instantly pay those huge bills charged for a heart surgery, a dialysis, or even a regular full-body health check-up. Medical loans have proven to be boons in such circumstances. You can avail a medical loan depending upon the type of company you work for, your net salary, and your location.

How does a Medical Loans Work?

Innumerable medical loans are provided by non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), banks, government funds and private trusts. Qbera, a Bangalore based fintech company, provides instant medical loan. Once you apply for a medical loan, you will find that these lenders have a tie up with some of the listed hospitals. And when your application gets approved, the payment is mostly done to the hospital directly. Why not go for a medical loan when all you have to worry about, is your closed one’s health and leave the finances to the lender.

Personal loan for medical emergencies: Benefits and Features

Take a quick look at some of the benefits and features of medical loans:

Why Qbera for Medical Loans?

Eligibility criteria for Medical Loans

You are eligible to avail a personal medical loan with Qbera if:

Documents required for Medical Loan

Please note that self employed individuals may be asked to submit some extra documents such as office address proof, IT returns, business existence proof etc.  

Step-by-step guide to avail Medical Loan with Best Interest Rates

Fees & charges

How to apply for Personal Loan from Qbera?

Why choose Medical Loan over Health Insurance?

Medical Loan Health Insurance
Avails you to use the loan amount for all kinds of health conditions. Covers limited number of health issues and sometimes does not even include pre-existing medical conditions.
You can use the loan amount for all the expenses right from the pre hospitalization charges, the surgery and even for the expenses of prescribed medicines post hospitalization. Mostly does not include post hospitalization expenses.
Covers all the diagnostic tests which are prescribed by the doctor and way too costly to be managed quickly. Most insurance companies do not cover these diagnostic tests, making you arrange the cash for it separately.
You will get instant access to cash right at the time of medical emergency. You may be asked to wait for the completion of a certain waiting period; making you initially pay by yourself and then get it reimbursed later on.
There is no limit to the type of diseases or health conditions for which you can avail a medical loan. Most health insurance companies do not cover treatments for sexually transmitted diseases, cosmetic surgeries, pregnancy related treatments and so on.

FAQs about Medical Loans

  1. What is a medical loan?
    A medical loan is a personal unsecured loan which can be availed instantly to finance your unprecedented medical emergencies.
  2. What is the interest rate for a medical loan?
    The average interest rate for a medical loan ranges between 14-24%, starting with 13.99% at Qbera.
  3. What is the loan amount that I can avail in a medical loan?
    You can avail a loan amount starting from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 7,50,000 in a medical loan.
  4. Are all the medical conditions covered in a medical loan?
    Yes, you can avail a medical loan for any kind of health condition.
  5. Does a medical loan include post hospitalization charges?
    Yes, a medical loan covers all your expenses starting from the diagnostic tests till the prescribed medicines post hospitalization.


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Loan amounts range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.7,50,000. APR ranges from 14% to 24%. Loan lengths range from 12 to 48 months. Administration fee ranges from 2% to 4%.

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