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Easy Application

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Flexible Loans

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Fast Payment

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Secure Process

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How it works

Step 1: Get your loan offer in 10 minutes

Answer a few questions about your employment, education and expenses.

Step 1

Step 2: Submit your bank statements

Connect securely to your bank via netbanking and submit bank statements as part of the easy loan application form.

Step 2

Step 3: Choose your term

Choose the loan offer which is best suited to your needs.

Step 3

Step 4: Get your funds tomorrow

Once your loan is approved, get the money in your bank account the next day.

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Step 5: Repay your loan

Pay your loan off with automatic EMI payments

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Qbera Home Renovation Loans in Pune

Home Improvement Loans Overview

Pune’s growth in the last two decades is commendable with tons of MNCs and startups choosing this city as their base. Consequently, numerous residential projects and home improvement firms have made their mark in the realtor sector. Fondly known as the Queen of Deccan, it is giving other cities quite a competition when it comes to livability.

Home improvement or home renovation – whether you just want to keep up with the recent trends or want to give your homw the logn ovedue makeover – it can be an expensive affair. We all love the idea of that perfect home (a small world of our own in this big world) with special corners for everyone we love and everything we enjoy doing. Whether it is changing your old-fashioned kitchen into a modular kitchenette cum dining space, converting the loft, building a library with a partition wall, installing a home theater, replacing the old floor tiles, and/or getting new furniture among other small scale or large-scale extensions- the list is endless.

Say you want to repaint your house and install a modular kitchen. As per the current market trends, this can cost around 2-3 lacs. If you think you are creditworthy, a renovation loan disguised as personal loan could solve all your woes. Yes, renovating or adding to your home won’t come cheap and this may lead to cutting down on the scope of your renovation.

Customized home improvement loans from banks and NBFCs can help you here and there would be no need to feel shackled by a tight budget. You can either top-up your existing home loans if any or take out personal loans. But don’t keep postponing it because the expenses (be it materials or manpower) would only increase over time. Let home improvement loans in Pune make all your dreams and aspirations a reality and your home a place you would always want to return, no matter where you go.

Pointers on planning home improvement:

Given below are some pointers to help you plan and work out a budget before applying for a loan:

a. To get or not get professional help?

Owing to the high maintenance costs, some people think they will take care of small repair work or even white-washing the walls. But home improvement is not the occasion to ‘try’ because failing to get experts from the beginning would only result in loss of time and money.

b. Fixing new rails and windows?

You might want to fix higher rails in the balconies, especially when there is a toddler in the house. Safety should always be the foremost concern.

c. Adding a small garden

We would strongly recommend designating a small area as a garden. This space will allow water to be seeped into the ground or directed to a drain. You can even plant a few ferns here to make it look pleasant.

d. Extending the house:

Do you want to alter or add a new room to your house? Then it should be sympathetic to the present structure. Do take care to source similar materials and resources. You might need to get permission from the Municipal Office or Panchayat for the same. Contact the nearest office to get the exact specifications.

e. Replacing/buying electronic appliances:

Your TV emits weird noises and fridge is a secondhand one and uses up more electricity than you thought possible. You have also been thinking of changing your semi-auto washing machine and getting a new fully-automatic one. Keep your eye open for seasonal sales and festive offers to grab the best deal available.

Why choose Qbera home improvement loan:

Already sketching plans to renovate your home? Then it is important to fix a budget and plan. List down exactly what you want done in specific areas and inquire about the tentative costs from companies in your area. This will give you an idea about the amount you might have to take out as loan well before you knock down the walls or break down the cabinets. Make use of financial comparison sites to find out which lender suits you best in terms of eligibility, interest rates, tenure and EMIs. This is when you realize that you may not be eligible for personal loans from these banks. A decade or so back, there was no other choice when you are denied personal loans by a bank. Now there are new Fintech lending companies that are striving (and have already succeeded) to bridge the gap between the lender and the customer.


Unsecured loan seekers must walk an extra mile to convince the bank of their creditworthiness and for that, having a steady income is crucial. While traditional lenders mostly give loans to people with at least Rs. 6 lakhs annual salary, many online lenders are happy to offer loans to people with half the income.

Credit Score

Are you aware that banks mandate a CIBIL Score of 740+ if you want to apply for a personal loan? Such a score can ensure you loans at lesser interest too. But here is a hitch. Just because your credit score is less than ideal does not mean that you are an irresponsible credit user by default. There could be many reasons for a lower score such as erroneous entries. Qbera understands this and has lowered the CIBIL Score cut to 625.

Disbursal in 24 Hours

As unsecured loans, personal loans are levied higher interest and many view this as a last resort in emergency situations. Qbera has done away with manual application procedure. Now you can apply and upload necessary documents via online or smartphone anywhere anytime. If all the documents are in order, you will receive a call on the same day. An executive will visit you at a place of your convenience to collect your signature and the amount will be credited in your account the very next day.

How to apply for a Home Improvement Loan via Qbera

Qbera application procedure takes the words ‘easy’, ‘quick’ ‘simple’ and ‘hassle-free’ among others to a new level. Given below are 5 steps to get it done the Qbera way.
  • Just log on to Qbera.com and fill in the application form (it barely takes 5 minutes)
  • Upload your bank statement on the website
  • Qbera gives you an offer within 4 hours
  • Our representative will come and collect the documents
  • Money transferred to your account in less than 24 hours
  • Qbera may be able to help when you need it the most. Apply now for a smart hassle-free loan in pune.

Types of Loans

At Qbera we offer quick hassle-free loans for several purposes

Easy Application

Second Hand Car Loans

At Qbera, you can apply for any vehicle loan be it a bike loan, scooter loan or even a used car loan without any of the difficulties that are often faced with traditional banks and NBFCs.

Flexible Loans

Wedding Loans

Qbera is there by your side to ensure you don’t have to compromise on your big day. Get a marriage loan, an engagement loan or a honeymoon loan instantly with Qbera even at the last minute.

Fast Payment

Credit Card Refinancing

Saddled with credit card debt? Want to repay the balance on your card? With Qbera, convert your high-cost credit card debt into affordable monthly EMIs at low interest rates in no more than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Education Loans

Want to study further but require funding for your fees? We offer instant education loans for salaried professionals at attractive interest rates. Apply today to fulfill your educational goals.

Easy Application

Home Improvement Loans

Require furniture or interiors for your new house or want to renovate your existing home? Qbera provides Home improvement loans, home remodeling loans, home renovation loans, home repair loans and furniture loans instantly!

Flexible Loans

Travel Loans

At Qbera, get a travel loan of up to 7.5 lakhs in a quick, convenient process. We offer travel loans, tour loans, holiday loans, vacation loans, air ticket loans, foreign travel loans, cruise booking loans in less than 24 hours.

Fast Payment

Medical Loans

Medical issues often require urgent funding. In such situations, getting money quickly is a top priority. At Qbera, we respect this and can help you with such Medical loans or emergency cash in less than 24 hours.

Secure Process

Loan Refinancing

Existing loans that you may have can be refinanced to lower your monthly payments. Be it a payday loan, credit card loan, education loan, wedding loan or travel loan. Qbera offers the fastest loans for debt consolidation or refinancing.

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